Mini C-Arm systems

Providing high-efficiency with minimum radiation, our XiScan
Mini C-Arm systems are compact modular and easily maneuverable. The compact XiScan is designed for the imaging of extremity, injuries in trauma consultations, operating and emergency rooms, small practices and clinics.

The XiScan Mini C Arm system makes possible the detection of pathology of extremities ,knees and shoulders with minimal radiation dose . The XiScan compact form factor C-Arm provides the same efficiency as conventional or DR X-Ray systems. Assuring efficient high quality imaging as well as patient an operator safety

Xi Scan’s high mobility lightweight compact form factor design makes it adaptable to many different areas where conventional  C-Arms are to large. The  Medical Imaging results are high quality even in the most difficult procedures. It’s capability provides many different viewing features and options for optimizing  images. xiscan mini c-arm

Some of the places a is perfect for:


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